Frequently asked questions

I am looking for sporadic support only. Are you the right one?

Yes, despite packages, we also offer the classic trustee and consulting service on an hourly fee basis.

I am looking for a service provider who can give me competent advice. Can you help?

Of course. Consulting is our passion. In particular in the areas of tax law, value added tax, accounting, social security and payroll. We place strong emphasis on continuous training and expert knowledge.

What are your hourly rates?

All orders without a permanent relationship (outside of our packages) are billed at an hourly rate.

Below are our two rates:

  • Bearings, financial statements, taxes
    CHF 180.00 per hour plus 7.7% VAT
  • Clerical
    CHF 140.00
    per hour plus 7.7% VAT

I am not based in Zurich (at your headquarters), is this a hurdle?

No, accounting is regulated identically throughout Switzerland. However, and despite harmonization efforts, tax laws may differ from canton to canton. We are active in all cantons and educate ourselves in all cantonal legislations.

I have many special needs, do we fit together?

We look at each customer individually. Special requests are the order of the day for us, which is why we use tools that allow us to dock onto your own workflows. Talk to us.

What do you mean by “digital” and “automations”?

Unlike the traditional fiduciary, we see opportunities through networked connectivity, automated data exctrations and artificial intelligence. The use of the latest technologies allows us to reduce manual repetitive activities. With our system-independent approach, we apply these technologies to our clientele’s existing systems. If you are still working with physical paper documents, we first convert them into computer readable documents with our scanning service.